Siobhan and Thomas | Wedding at the Bradley Inn

Oh what a fabulous day to look back through on this cold January afternoon! Siobhan and Thomas’ wedding day was one of those weddings that will be talked about for years to come. The love was palpable, the friendships were true, and the fun did not stop for one. single. moment.   Their ceremony was […]

Ryan and Brandi Photography – a Homespun Branding Film by Joni James

Ahhh film. I love you so. Especially when you bring me to new places and help me meet cool people. People like Ryan and Brandi Moore. People who don’t mind being filmed in their pajamas, and welcome me into their lovely home with a delicious meal. (For real. It was delish.) People who have the […]

Merry Christmas!

As my Christmas gift to you, I give to you some pure DIY Nativity awesomeness. It’s from a blog called Cric Crac Croque, by designer Dorothee Walterm who’s work is just the right balance of whimsical and modern. Its makes me so happy! I saw her work in my Facebook feed and had to check it out! […]


Jordyn’s Family // Homespun Family Film by Joni James

If you followed along with my 31 Days project, you will have seen the video where I made a backdrop out of sheet music. Here it is! I have been wanting to add a bit of styling to my family film sessions, and so who better to practice on then my gorgeous sister and her beautiful […]

IMG_0658 copy2

1 Girl. 15 Seconds, 31 Days // Day 31!

Day 31!!! I can’t even believe I made it! What a crazy month October has been, and looking back at all my films from this month, I feel completely blessed to be living this life. It was a bananas crazy idea to make a instagram video, every day, for an entire month, and I almost […]